17 Years

Posted in Random on 16 October, 2009 by sonal

How the hell did that happen? And is this the first time we’ve landed on a Friday since or the second time? I can’t remember anymore …

Would he have approved of what I’m doing now? The Masters side, probably. The move across the world to be with my (second, non Indian) boyfriend (who I had only been with a couple of months) and using the Masters as a way to get in the same country to be with him, probably not.

Oh well. No time for probably.



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There’s a part of your life that seems to remain crystallised after a break up. It’s not the love you had for that person (for that is well and truly gone), it’s not the good or bad memories (which will change with time), it’s the family you shared – their sisters, their mum, their nana. For almost four years you collected a new family and when the relationship was over, it wasn’t the loss of the person that cut, it was the loss of your new family.

And when you hear that a member of that family has died, it hurts as much as when they were once your family.

I didn’t expect this. I don’t know if I even have the right to be as upset as I am. I’ve not seen David’s Nana for years and yet my love for her has been no less than when her grandson and I were together.

And so, sadness.

RIP Gloria xx

So I Said “Off Hiatus” …

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Um, will you take the excuse, my homework ate my blog?

It’s true, I’ve too busy to procrastinate. Really.

It’s the start of week 4 in film school and so far I’ve handed in 2 short film scripts – a 3 min black and white silent short and a 10 minute studio based piece which had to be completely rewritten in the space of two and a half days after being ripped to shreds in a workshop (I started a new short today – the first draft is due on Monday). I’ve changed my screenwriter case study from Jonathan and Christopher Nolan to Harold Pinter after a minor freak out about being a absurdist playwright in a cinematic world (yes, Jean, that hang up is going away …), a work and research journal to maintain (chunks of which are handed in each term) and the usual additional reading of hand outs, recommended books and other screenplays.

It’s quite full on. But I’m loving every minute of it. So much so that I can’t bring myself to procrastinate on the blog with it … too much to do.

In brief: My class is an insanely large 20: 6 women, a couple of Indians, a Canadian, a American, a Greek, a Bulgarian, a Serb, a couple of Germans, a South African, a Swede, a handful of Brits, a fella from Portugal and a New Zealander (that’d be me). Only a hand full are newly graduated, the rest of us have been kicking around for a while. And everyone has a different writing style. So very different.

Also, I’ve managed to be late only twice, so far …

Back to it – more later.

And We’re Back

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Months have past, visas have been gained and once more I am in Londinium.

How did I manage to get back in? A student visa, massive debt and entry into the London Film School to do an MA in Screenwriting. I start on Monday.

Looks like it’s time to take Maupuia Masala off hiatus … how else am I going to procrastinate?

Your application has been …

Posted in Random on 4 June, 2009 by sonal

APPROVED and the visa has been issued.

The game hasn’t ended yet, but at least I’m still in.

And The Band Played On

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When the demise of your government has become such a spectator sport that it’s being live blogged, it may be time to think about your post parliament plans.

Or you could continue sitting in your office with your fingers stuffed into your ears singing ‘la la la la laaaaaa, I can’t hear you!’ – that’s pretty much what the NZ Labour Party did in it’s final year and that went really well for them too.

Oh, wait.

Not So Liveblog: Budget 2009 – Losing Bill’s Virginity

Posted in In the News, Liveblog on 28 May, 2009 by sonal

Woo! It’s Budget day …

What? I’ve handed over my passport to those in control, in the hope that I can get into the UK (more details if I am successful) … so instead of stewing while I wait, I may as well geek out a little.

This feels like a budget of yore, when you used to stock up on petrol, cigarettes and booze the day before as you had no freakin’ idea what was going to be hiked up the next day. Little has been released as it were under a Labour government, but you can bet that the tax cuts National campaigned almost rabidly on, will have disappeared.

It’s Bill English’s first budget and he starts with a small stumble as he forgets process, which the Speaker carefully corrects.

Pre-amble: The economy is fucked. Everywhere. If this all goes to shit, it’s not our fault. But it is the fault of the folks before us.

[While B.E. sings his party’s praises, just thought I’d add – if my visa comes through, I’m leaving town two days later to go to Singapore. So if you’re in Wellington, just be aware that I may, in a couple of weeks say that I’ll be parking up at Hope Bros. to drink …]

“redesign the legislation to allow quick and efficient decisions to allow development … overseen by Rodney Hide …” Trans: Dear Environment, prepare the lube, you may be getting fucked soon.

It’s all very well saying “we’ve allocated x to insure y” but it’s not terribly impressive when they are pretty much just maintaining what’s already been done in the past … I’m bored already.

Tax cuts for 2010 and 2011 are postponed until “economic conditions are improved”. Told you.

“This is the first budget on the road to recovery”. I hope you’re right, dude, otherwise you know we’re going to roll out this sound bite next year if it all goes tits up.

And so ends yet another boring budget (except for the suspension of the Cullen fund contributions, which was always on the cards no matter what government but 10 years is a flippin long time). Tune in next week when we hear …