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17 Years

Posted in Random on 16 October, 2009 by sonal

How the hell did that happen? And is this the first time we’ve landed on a Friday since or the second time? I can’t remember anymore …

Would he have approved of what I’m doing now? The Masters side, probably. The move across the world to be with my (second, non Indian) boyfriend (who I had only been with a couple of months) and using the Masters as a way to get in the same country to be with him, probably not.

Oh well. No time for probably.



Posted in Random on 15 October, 2009 by sonal

There’s a part of your life that seems to remain crystallised after a break up. It’s not the love you had for that person (for that is well and truly gone), it’s not the good or bad memories (which will change with time), it’s the family you shared – their sisters, their mum, their nana. For almost four years you collected a new family and when the relationship was over, it wasn’t the loss of the person that cut, it was the loss of your new family.

And when you hear that a member of that family has died, it hurts as much as when they were once your family.

I didn’t expect this. I don’t know if I even have the right to be as upset as I am. I’ve not seen David’s Nana for years and yet my love for her has been no less than when her grandson and I were together.

And so, sadness.

RIP Gloria xx

Your application has been …

Posted in Random on 4 June, 2009 by sonal

APPROVED and the visa has been issued.

The game hasn’t ended yet, but at least I’m still in.

A List

Posted in Random on 12 November, 2008 by sonal

Infernal Affairs
Two Cathedrals
The Satanic Verses
Good Omens
Little Weapon
State of Play

That’s where I’m trying to hit … will I ever get there?

Comfort Food

Posted in Random on 29 October, 2008 by sonal

I should be talking about the impending elections both in the US and NZ or the angst I’m feeling as I still don’t know who to vote for (how close am I to ticking Alliance? Yes Mark Cleary, laugh it up, I can hear you from here) …

Instead I’m curious to hear what your comfort food is. For instance, the nights are growing long here and last night it snowed … well sleet mostly but there was snow all over London, except for in the East where I live (typical). On nights like that, there’s nothing like tomato and basil soup with a loaf of garlic bread, or a roast chicken or eating mashed potatoes straight out of the pot you mashed them in.

And then, there’s the real comfort food, the sort of food you go to when you need a hug. And tonight I’ve discovered that meal to be a Nasi Lemak with an ice Milo (or, if I could get it, a Milo Dinosaur … mmm …).

A close second would be a packet of Toffee Pops.


A whole packet.

And no, I’m not sharing.

What’s yours?


Posted in My work, Random, The Ramblings Of ... on 26 October, 2008 by sonal

Delirious visions of you
Chocolate dipped and candy coated, floated with icecream and just the right amount of coke
This sugary haze, my fluey daze equates you with all manner of diabetic delights and things that are not really right for grown adults to indulge in on an hourly basis.

Delirious visions of me
Green eyed and goat horned
Trying to navigate the waters of scorn, resistance, love, desire, hope, sarcasm, cynicism, enduring confusion and self inflicted delusions of happiness, contentment, that I am fine and cool and not really thinking of you
At all

Delirious visions of this world I live in
Not rose tinted or grey hued
Not a series of jump cuts or long languorous takes where the heroine waits under cherry blossoms slowly raining petals as she contemplates, meditates upon a life of success, satisfaction and love requited, delighted and without the emotional shipwreck of baggage or broken hearts left in the debris

Instead her fever breaks and she soon awakes to a world more real than she wanted with feelings unresolved and less clear cut than a thousand magazines or books or friends would have her believe
A place where there is no easy solution, no quick resolution, no one size answer, approach, dictum, manifesto or statement that will fit everything that bugs her at the moment
Delirious visions give way to the frightening conclusion that she must do this on her own

I, me, myself, as companions we wait, we hesitate as we decide, debate and ultimately procrastinate on picking up the phone …

You Have To Risk It All

Posted in Random on 23 October, 2008 by sonal

And I did.

Put myself out there and got a touch sunburnt.

FAIL this time, but will do it all over again until I win.

And one day, I will.

See? I can look after myself just fine.