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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 27 August, 2008 by sonal

I’ve gone into hibernation … ok, I’ve gone into the piles of admin which I have carried up to my bed and will not be emerging for a couple of days yet save to say some last goodbyes to the tech crews up here as they depart for another year.

The bubble has burst and I’m slowly catching up with what the rest of the world has been doing, starting with Facebook and the Democratic Convention (that’s just how I roll), eventually moving onto Winston’s mess back home and … well, whatever else I’ve missed (have I missed anything?) …

Also, it’s back to that job hunt thing – the CV is being updated and soon I’ll be back in touch with the recruitment folks to find that perfect three month contract to get me through to the end of my visa – be it here in Edinburgh or down in London, yes, London, but only if I can get a job first.

So very, very tired and getting the post Edinburgh blues now that all of my new friends are in other cities around the country (and world) from me. When I am able to collect my thoughts, I’ll put them here.

In the meantime it will be sleep, tidying numbers and watching movies … I’m ok, I just need a bit of space.

s x


Life In A Bubble

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 16 August, 2008 by sonal

Ok, so I can’t even manage to do a daily post. It’s just that busy.

Since I last wrote, the olympics have started, Georgia and Russia are bombing the shit out of each other and for some reason National are ahead in the polls and Fairfax, at least, seem to be forgetting that we’re still living in an MMP world rather than First Past The Post

Over on this side of the bubble, the discussion revolves around ticket sales, how many people we had in our houses and what the hell are we going to try and do now? On top of that you can add plenty of socialising, recovering from hangovers and, yes, even the odd date here or there (yeah, I’m not sure how I’ve managed to fit dating into my schedule, but I have – yes, Mum, he’s nice (no, Lou, James, Scott, Charlotte, it’s not who you think it is), but it’s the Festival so let’s not count chickens etc. until after the Festival) … I’ve made plenty of friends, haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with old ones who are either in different venues or aren’t artists. Working for a producer rather than a venue means a totally different lifestyle – usually starting work around 10 am and finishing around midnight if I’ve managed to be organised, 1am if I haven’t, 2.30am if I’m having a particularly bad day and anywhere between 3am – 5.30am if I’ve decided to go out to the Loft Bar with my friend Tiff. What little time I have left has been spent remembering to eat (something I’ve been forgetting to do) or trying to briefly catch up with friends who are visiting town or staying with me. I haven’t even had a chance to see any shows …

At the moment I should be photocopying reviews and poster slashes rather than blogging, but I thought I’d neglected you for a little too long … although, I really need to go as I’ve got to get the photocopying done because the shop is closed tomorrow …

Blog soon? No, can’t promise that. But in case you were worried – don’t be, I’m fine but busy, occasionally stressed but otherwise happy. And completely and utterly loving the experience.

s x

Yesterday Was Better

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 8 August, 2008 by sonal

But busy – thank you for the virtual hugs … lovely Liz and Megan from the Pleasance also gave me real ones to get me through the day.

Actually what did cheer me up was my taxi driver as I hauled more fliers from our print storage to the Pleasance Dome. We talked of the Festival, of the seemingly quieter than usual streets for this time of year, of the stupid tram system the Council is building and has blocked most of Edinburgh’s streets with roadworks and then he told me of his trip to NZ during the Lions tour. When I arrived at the venue, he helped me out of the car and gave me a hug.

And then I sat down to staple reviews to fliers and a gentleman sat down opposite and we got chatting. He had planned out his day on the Fringe, I recommended some options (and he bought a ticket to one of my shows) and then after asking about my accent, he told me of how his mum used to teach in Palmerston North before she got married. By the time we parted ways he gave me a hug too.

Clearly it looked like I needed one – ask and the universe seems to provide.

And Then The Rain Came

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 7 August, 2008 by sonal

It’s cold. It’s wet. I’ve been through two umbrellas (both in bins on either side of the city), jumped through puddles and am soaked through.

Day was fine (except for the weather). Night was shit. I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

And what I really need now, really, really need now, is a hug.

Whiskey will have to do instead.

Hmm …

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 6 August, 2008 by sonal

I mentioned Festival Friendships a wee while ago now and I thought that now it’s been a week into the Festival, I should give you an update.

Friendship from a previous Festival that I would have been sad if it weren’t a real friendship – thankfully, that friendship is a real one and this time we traded numbers. Still haven’t managed to catch up yet …

New friends – many, from venue staff to the folks I work with and everyone in between. We’ll see how many of these remain post Festival, as always.

Friends who are nodding acquaintances – disappointingly, there’s one person who couldn’t even manage a passing smile, regardless of whether he remembers me or not. Meh, not worth my time when there are people who have met me only once but wave to me across the Courtyard.

People whom I have known an age start arriving to visit in the next few weeks … don’t know if I’ll even get to see them … sorry if I can’t, but you’ll like my room …

That’s Daylight, Isn’t It?

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 5 August, 2008 by sonal

Not that still sitting in a bar as the night becomes day is much of an achievement in Edinburgh, given that the sky begins to lighten at 3am …

Um … yes … got home at 5.30am … got up at 10am …

Not really much more to add.

What Do You Mean It’s Sunday?

Posted in Ed Fringe 08 on 4 August, 2008 by sonal

Things that I have learnt today:

It’s not Monday (well, it is now, but it wasn’t when I thought it was, which was yesterday). Was most disturbed when I realised that Morgue’s friday linky was only two days ago …

I’m good at embarrassing myself by blog thanks to a slightly inebriated mind … having managed to play it cool all these years after years of youthful and embarrassing revelations, I broke it by blog … go web 2.0 … and to reiterate – no nothing exciting sent, nothing exciting received, nothing to it at all. And if you happen to be the person concerned, reading this (as unlikely as that may be given that the only way you’d find this blog is if you Googled it), then I am doubly embarrassed and, yes, may have a small crush – could the virtual ground please swallow me up now?

Ticketing systems that work are good. Ticketing systems that don’t work aren’t ticketing systems … they’re shit. Very expensive shit. BATS’ old fashioned system of paper and a pen (before it was computerised) won new respect from me today.

I wish I knew how to fix a boiler.

Cheap shoes fall apart quick. Because they’re cheap. Because you only bought them to use as the pair that can fit into your handbag when you’re wearing stilettos and would like to walk home at the end of the evening, not to walk through the streets of Edinburgh on another Festival working day.

There are a couple of times that I may have to admit that I need a hug. Just a little one. A teeny little one.