Kia ora, Namaste,

I’m Sonal, you’re hostess for this … er … blog.

Thank you for coming along and having a read – feel free to have a wander. Maupuia Masala was started at the end of 2006 to document my new adventures as I set off to conquer the world … or something.

It’s going ok, thanks for asking. Oh who am I? Well, no one really but a playwright from Aotearoa who left to told everyone that I left to gain some perspective about the fair land Iwas born in but really left because my heart was in a thousand pieces …

And then I met Mr Awesome, just when my visa was running out and so turned the desperation to stay in the same country as him, into an opportunity to study and focus in on the only thing I’m vaguely good at (other than being bossy) – writing. So I come here to procrastinate when I really should be working on my screenplay.

Say hello … you know you want to …

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