One Door Closes, A Whole World Opens

And so we come to an end of things. School is over, the MA passed, a writing career is ahead of me and currently I am procrastinating over a cover letter for a job application (some things will never change) …

It’s finally time to move on and bring an end to my days on Maupuia Masala. Having too much school work has already done most of that however I think I have achieved all that I wanted to with this blog.

As those of you who are still reading know, it all started with a broken heart which lead to a voyageold sights and sounds, old and new friends, lost a few folk along the way, mellowed out and became more stubborn at the same time.

It ends with a heart healed, stronger than ever and deeply in love; much of which has been kept off of this blog, probably with good reason … I feel so different to the person who started this blog that Maupuia Masala no longer fits as well as it used to.

This doesn’t meant the end to my life on the web, just the end of this particular phase. I’m moving off to Songs From The Ninth Floor, a new place where I can procrastinate while talking about writing and occasionally veering off into other things. The twitter feed won’t follow me there but it will be still active here if you want to check in and see what I’m up to.

See you on the other side.


s xx


One Response to “One Door Closes, A Whole World Opens”

  1. farewell maupuia masala!

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