For Those Of You Playing At Home …

I finally have a student visa for the UK, so finishing my studies at film school shouldn’t be any issue, providing I pass. As for what happens after school finishes is any one’s guess – I’ve got two months from the date of the last class and then I’ll have to either leave or ump through a new set of hoops for the next visa (if I can get it in time). Ugh.

I am also now in the possession of an ID card for dirty foreigners. This now replaces the standard visa that used to be in my passport so now I have to carry both whenever I go through the border and if I apply for any part time work. It has a wee microchip and carries a pile of information on me – probably more than I’d ever be comfortable with in the same place. Apparently the Tories are planning to do away with these cards if they win the next election (it’d difficult to see how they won’t at the moment).

I’m not holding my breath.

I wonder how long ’til the whole system is compromised by some absent-minded civil servant?


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