And In Other News

I’ve made it into term 2 of film school (you need to pass each term to proceed to the next – and given the massive surprised I received from passing all of my assignments, this now doesn’t seem as difficult to do).

School is insanely busy, all though this term feels a bit easier than last. This term my major assignments are the first draft of my feature film; my work and research journal and a minor seminar about Pinter.

As always with my writing, there are good days and bad days … and yes, still leaving plenty to the last minute, although I’m trying to change that (with little success). Last term I tried to find a routine and came to the conclusion that 4 hours of creative output on my own work was about all I could do before I was writing complete shit. Now I’ve just have to find a way to create the conditions to get those four hours of slightly less shit.

At the same time to this, I’ve been learning to run. Yes. Actually running, outside, sometimes even in snow thanks to the good old couch to 5k programme – tomorrow is week 9 and 5kms around West Norwood with Kathryn (after which we shall celebrate with a cup of tea). So I’m going to see if I can apply interval training to writing … build up to the 4 hour momentum slowly until my brain becomes used to it. We shall see.

As part of this, I’m going to use this blog as part of the 5 min warm up “walk” and just write a bit of garbage that has nothing to do with what I’m actually writing to get my head in the right space – slowly building up from, say 90min to 4 hours.

I’m not promising anything of quality – it may be me writing something along the lines of ‘oh dear god, how the hell am I going to write for 30min about sweet fuck all without resorting to “blah, blah, blah … I can’t think of anything” etc.’ OR it could be stuff that may or may not make it into my work and research journal.

Here we go …


One Response to “And In Other News”

  1. You can totally train your brain chook. When I started my insane morning routine with the novel (up early to write before work everyday) the first couple of weeks I wrote about tea. A lot… Then the brain kinda cottoned on to the fact that this was writing time and it was all good from then.

    I also find a writing uniform helps. But that’s just me. I like to dress up and any excuse.

    Yay for getting into 2nd term!

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