From the Graveyard

I’ve been digging through boxes of old notebooks, desperately looking for inspiration to turn into film scripts … why film scripts? It’s a long story.

A very long story.

One day, when I can laugh about it, you will hear. At the moment, it’s not funny. *sigh*

In the meantime, going through 15 years worth of notebooks ranging from yearly diaries, napkins, coasters, ringbinders and spiral bound bits of paper has revealed these things:

I really thought I was funny as a teenager.
I was actually a bit of a smart arse.
A not funny smart arse who was an angry, angry little girl.

But then there is, however clunky, some things that I like as I grow into my skin and my writing voice – like this poem I wrote for Kathryn when I was 20:

Oh Kathryn, why is it, when you are so tall,
Have a friend like me who is a tad small?
When we walk down Courtenay Place
People stop and stare and hide the smirk on their face.
“The Long and The Short of it” they say with a grin,
Whilst secretly thinking “my wit’s setting in”.
But little do they know that we’ll have our day
For on every topic we’ll have something to say
And if they dare ask to try and outwit us,
They’ll get the full force as if they’ve been hit by a bus.
Questions on weather? We’ll answer “yes”.
“Yes what?” they ask, we reply “guess”.
“What do you mean?” say they who are quite confused,
We’ll then say “you’re welcome” and leave them bemused.

I can see it now like Thelma and Louise,
We’ll drive in big cars, running free in the breeze,
Reckless, gorgeous and young, we’ll never grow old!
(But don’t forget the cardies, cos it might get a bit cold)
We’ll take on the world and see what they will do
When it’s not one quick witted chick, but a very smart two!

The world will be blown away, when we’re centre stage,
The media will cover us on every front page.
“Angelic sweet girls, or demons from hell?”
Eventually, in time, the world will know us well.
We’ll become role models for every young girl
And now is where the marketing machine begins to whirl …

I see t-shirts and dolls and maybe shampoo
And a marketing strategy we’ll have to do.
We could make millions overnight,
If we get our planning right.
Start off slow and give them plenty of tease,
The rest will then follow with much ease.

With this plan in hand we’ll be set up for life,
No more doing dishes or living in strife!
Stick with me, I’ll show you the way
That we can spin gold from something like hay …


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