Snowed In

Well, I must confess this is going to be an unusual way to contact my mother …

I’m snowed in, in London. I’m currently at Kathryn’s house, stuck away from my laptop so I can’t Skype you. It’s Monday and Heathrow airport has closed their runways. The snow has just stopped but is likely to start again at 4 this afternoon and they reckon we’ll be in for 7 inches of snow by tomorrow morning (we currently have about3 -4 inches). By all radio accounts, London has stopped functioning. There are no buses going, Heathrow Express (the train I plan to catch tomorrow) has stopped running and when Kathryn returned home this morning after setting out to work, the normal trains weren’t going either.

My visa expires tomorrow – I’m going to call immigration and ask them what to do if I can’t get to the airport tomorrow because of the snow, or my flight.

So, in short: I may not be back on my flight as expected on Thursday morning.

But I will be with my laptop, with an internet connection, so I’ll keep you updated.

Also, Mum, don’t call me until tomorrow your time. My phone battery is low (and my phone is having problems charging. I need a new phone – um, Bhai, we may need to talk about iPhones).

Yes, it doesn’t rain, it pours.

Or snows … as the case may be.


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