Hey you!

What happened to the rest of the Holiday 55?

Um … Wall E and Iron Man on blu ray? Followed by a rather obsessive search every time I went online to try and find a definitive edition of Infernal Affairs on blu ray too?


Look it got so obsessive that I didn’t even get the chance to play with my new lightsabre set that I got from Scott for Christmas (yes, he is winning the best little brother ever competition).

Yes the slackness of the blog has not been tightened since I last promised. To tell the truth I think Facebook and Twitter have taken a good part of the daily chit chat load and general outrage. If you’re that interested in what I’m doing, you can follow me on one of those forms (my Twitter is _sonal_). That isn’t to say this is the death of the blog.

Oh … bugger …

It’s just to say that life offline has taken over my time. This also means there has been less of the writing and more of the doing. I’m quite happy with the doing at the moment. But there are a few posts coming in the next couple of weeks.

This is more to confirm that the daily version of Maupuia Masala is now over (something we’ve all known since the start of last year). Postings will be considerably more erratic this year – I’ve already got a hectic schedule that sees me to the end of May, but I will try to check in once a week.

We’ll see.

So did they ever make it to Christmas

No. But they did get there in time for Boxing Day …


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