Wednesday Night Horror Show

In my cheap hotel room the television is set to the 24 hour news network.

On my internet browser I flick between Facebook, Twitter, Reuters and Al J English … it’s Twitter that is winning with the better updates but still no one seems to know what’s going on …

For those of you whose loved ones are in Mumbai, my thoughts are with you – I hope they’re safe xxx


3 Responses to “Wednesday Night Horror Show”

  1. I feel hopelessly out of the loop on what’s happening there, but it is clearly huge and very bad. I sort of don’t want to find out any more than what I already know. 😦

  2. Anonymouse Says:

    been a on&off lurker on yur blog for a few months now. a fellow kiwi here. was wondering if you are involved with this at all?:

  3. Kia ora Anonymouse,

    No, I only knew about that group just as I was leaving NZ earlier this year … don’t have any involvement with them.

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