Oh Yes, They Did

Oh, Otago.

City. Town. Student vomitorium …

In your infinite marketing wisdom, you thought it would be wise to market the upcoming NZ versus West Indies cricket test match with the battle cry “it’s all white here”.

Yes. Yes they did.

Honestly, has New Zealand suddenly been populated by stupid people or did all the smart ones decide to crawl into the bunker when they knew there was no hope a month ago?

The committee claim that the the racial overtones of that statement never occurred to them … no, no, that fact that Otago is, according the last census, of 79.6% European ethnicity (which in some countries would be called white) didn’t really factor when they thought it would be great to rebrand the city in a White Out.


Apparently it’s BYO hood, burning cross and noose …


4 Responses to “Oh Yes, They Did”

  1. Shit I dunno what the other 21.4% are but they must not live in central Dunedin…

    Gotta love the mayor’s comment – ‘I’m Chinese so we’re obviously not racist’.

    “vomitorium” ha good word!

  2. Yes, ‘I’m Chinese’, I didn’t notice the other obvious racial slur that our slogan could’ve have implied …

  3. But… seriously though… has New Zealand gone mad..?!?!

  4. Madre di dio,

    that is…

    well. Beyond breath-takingly fubared. As an ex-otagoite I am seriously gutted by the stupidity obviously portrayed by this little number.
    Jesus. And I thought my day was bad BEFORE I read this. Thanks SonalFoi for the reality check!

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