Delirious visions of you
Chocolate dipped and candy coated, floated with icecream and just the right amount of coke
This sugary haze, my fluey daze equates you with all manner of diabetic delights and things that are not really right for grown adults to indulge in on an hourly basis.

Delirious visions of me
Green eyed and goat horned
Trying to navigate the waters of scorn, resistance, love, desire, hope, sarcasm, cynicism, enduring confusion and self inflicted delusions of happiness, contentment, that I am fine and cool and not really thinking of you
At all

Delirious visions of this world I live in
Not rose tinted or grey hued
Not a series of jump cuts or long languorous takes where the heroine waits under cherry blossoms slowly raining petals as she contemplates, meditates upon a life of success, satisfaction and love requited, delighted and without the emotional shipwreck of baggage or broken hearts left in the debris

Instead her fever breaks and she soon awakes to a world more real than she wanted with feelings unresolved and less clear cut than a thousand magazines or books or friends would have her believe
A place where there is no easy solution, no quick resolution, no one size answer, approach, dictum, manifesto or statement that will fit everything that bugs her at the moment
Delirious visions give way to the frightening conclusion that she must do this on her own

I, me, myself, as companions we wait, we hesitate as we decide, debate and ultimately procrastinate on picking up the phone …


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