I Am Greeted With All The Enthusiasm …

… As one would greet the Angel of Death.

That is to say, people are absolutely lovely, nice and welcoming to me, but they also are aware that my presence means one thing – these redundancy proposals are very real. Not that anyone doubted it, but a new face who is introduced as the person who is “with us for the next three months during this difficult period” can never be a good thing when she walks into the office.

All I do for my new organisation is take minutes, create the relevant records and logs, sit in on other meetings, generally administrate … but I’m here for one thing only and everyone knows it.

I embody the intangible. Tis an interesting place to be.


One Response to “I Am Greeted With All The Enthusiasm …”

  1. Let’s be very grateful that the Londoners ain’t affected (by this particularly one) so at least you have one haven.

    A cup of tea is certainly always waiting (well, able to be made at short notice) on the 12th Floor, London-Eye-corner.

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