Blank page, full of promise, imaginings, scratchings …

The the things that I could fill you with: treatises and testaments, theorems or manifestoes leading the world towards revolution, anarchy, the onset of world peace, the cure for the common cold, grand unified field theory, how to turn water into oil, solve world hunger, end the Middle East conflict, make poverty unknown, unheard of, unbelievable, make LOVE the new religion, fix the free market, reduce, reuse, recycle, outlaw ignorance and resistance to tolerance, cure cancer, gossip, stupidity and the ability to selectively hear what , in fact, is being said …

Or, instead, on your page could be the finest prose or verse or text that reaches into the depths of the soul, the human condition, man’s position in this universe, this world, this street, under this lamppost in the rain singing some refrain or ditty he saw in a movie, once.

Here mirrors can be held up to nature and reflect the truth within, reveal or expose, entertain or treat with disdain the stories of the community, of society, of the people in charge, the people who want to take charge and the people who want nothing more than to come home, have a drink and think of nothing …

Here could be sacrament, a monument to the genius or madness or banality of my mind. Evidence of greatness of delusionment, lack of talent has plagued the world for weeks, months, years. Here lies Sonal – mad woman, malcontent and seer of things that weren’t of particular interest to anyone other than herself as can be evidenced, dissected, deconstructed and discussed in the pages within …


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