And In This Box …

I’m packing up my life, once again. From Edinburgh to London I go, microphone, minidisc, spices and all …

My final stint on my working holiday visa is up. I’ve got a three month contract for the most part and plotting and scheming ways to get back in the country to work legally for the remainder. I don’t want to leave, I really, really don’t want to leave … well other than to direct a couple of shows back in NZ and, you know, tech a few shows, possibly, finally make a return to stage, go back for Comedy Fest and the International Fest, possibly even the Auckland Fest, Melbourne Comedy Fest and Adelaide (which I can do legally thanks to my lovely NZ passport). What I’d like to be doing is to be based in London. And by based I mean have all of my DVDs, books and shoes in one country, where there are actually jobs in what I want to do. And, yes, thanks to the last few months I’ve finally found what I want to be doing (along with the writing and comedy directing) which is what I was doing during the Festival (thanks Jeremy) but with possibly less hours normally, or at least one day off a week.

So thank you Edinburgh for the last four months. It was nice to be living away from the madness of the Festival while being actually in it (I’m going to organise my own accommodation again next year – smartest decision I made). It’s been brilliant to be able to walk every where, breathe in salty sea air daily and to live amongst the hills – yes, I’ve been secretly living in Wellington this whole time (I even got to have Morgue here, if only briefly) … I have made so many good friends here (who almost all live in London), I’ve found the best Malaysian restaurant outside of Singapore (suck on that, Wellington) and the second best chippy in the UK after the one in Spean Bridge (also, extra points, Edinburgh, for Monster Mash … mmm …).

Take care of yourself in the winter and I’ll see you again next year …


3 Responses to “And In This Box …”

  1. Malaysian in Edinburgh??? Where? I missed Malaysian food *so much* while I was there!

  2. There’s one on Clerk St – the owner said it’s been open for a little over a year now and it is good. The best nasi lemak outside of the stalls in front of my brother’s place, ice milos, decent laksa and mee goreng (I still mourn the loss of Lion City since Wakefield Markets shut down). All for around £6 or less.

    I also spied a place down London/Portobello Road way but a bit more expensive, I haven’t tried there.

    Trust me, if there is laksa or mee goreng to be found in any city, I will find it! In London the best place so far is Tuk Tuk, just off Dean St in Soho.

  3. Yeah, I went to Tuk Tuk once, very nice 🙂

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