Blog neglect has become something of a habit so here’s an update:

In London; got a job that starts in a week or so; looking at a flat this afternoon in Mile End; going home on Tuesday to pack up all of my worldly possessions; discovered that my dream job is actually the one I was doing during the Fringe and that’s what I want to be doing all the time so now plotting and planning how the hell I’m going to keep finding jobs like that; catching up with many lovely folk (including Alex and Paul who I studied astrophysics with 10 years ago!); enjoying the sun; swimming in the sea (fine, sitting in the surf because the current was too strong and when I stepped out the sea bed suddenly disappeared beneath me and I quietly popped out of view); plotting and planning ways to get back into the UK next year after my usual four month stint in NZ; forgetting to reply to emails; forgetting to update blog.

So now you know.


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