Wake Me Up When September Ends

I’ve gone into hibernation … ok, I’ve gone into the piles of admin which I have carried up to my bed and will not be emerging for a couple of days yet save to say some last goodbyes to the tech crews up here as they depart for another year.

The bubble has burst and I’m slowly catching up with what the rest of the world has been doing, starting with Facebook and the Democratic Convention (that’s just how I roll), eventually moving onto Winston’s mess back home and … well, whatever else I’ve missed (have I missed anything?) …

Also, it’s back to that job hunt thing – the CV is being updated and soon I’ll be back in touch with the recruitment folks to find that perfect three month contract to get me through to the end of my visa – be it here in Edinburgh or down in London, yes, London, but only if I can get a job first.

So very, very tired and getting the post Edinburgh blues now that all of my new friends are in other cities around the country (and world) from me. When I am able to collect my thoughts, I’ll put them here.

In the meantime it will be sleep, tidying numbers and watching movies … I’m ok, I just need a bit of space.

s x


One Response to “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

  1. Rest up and hang in there my dear, tomorrows a new day and a new adventure 🙂

    Take care and thinking of your from S’pore


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