Life In A Bubble

Ok, so I can’t even manage to do a daily post. It’s just that busy.

Since I last wrote, the olympics have started, Georgia and Russia are bombing the shit out of each other and for some reason National are ahead in the polls and Fairfax, at least, seem to be forgetting that we’re still living in an MMP world rather than First Past The Post

Over on this side of the bubble, the discussion revolves around ticket sales, how many people we had in our houses and what the hell are we going to try and do now? On top of that you can add plenty of socialising, recovering from hangovers and, yes, even the odd date here or there (yeah, I’m not sure how I’ve managed to fit dating into my schedule, but I have – yes, Mum, he’s nice (no, Lou, James, Scott, Charlotte, it’s not who you think it is), but it’s the Festival so let’s not count chickens etc. until after the Festival) … I’ve made plenty of friends, haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with old ones who are either in different venues or aren’t artists. Working for a producer rather than a venue means a totally different lifestyle – usually starting work around 10 am and finishing around midnight if I’ve managed to be organised, 1am if I haven’t, 2.30am if I’m having a particularly bad day and anywhere between 3am – 5.30am if I’ve decided to go out to the Loft Bar with my friend Tiff. What little time I have left has been spent remembering to eat (something I’ve been forgetting to do) or trying to briefly catch up with friends who are visiting town or staying with me. I haven’t even had a chance to see any shows …

At the moment I should be photocopying reviews and poster slashes rather than blogging, but I thought I’d neglected you for a little too long … although, I really need to go as I’ve got to get the photocopying done because the shop is closed tomorrow …

Blog soon? No, can’t promise that. But in case you were worried – don’t be, I’m fine but busy, occasionally stressed but otherwise happy. And completely and utterly loving the experience.

s x


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