Yesterday Was Better

But busy – thank you for the virtual hugs … lovely Liz and Megan from the Pleasance also gave me real ones to get me through the day.

Actually what did cheer me up was my taxi driver as I hauled more fliers from our print storage to the Pleasance Dome. We talked of the Festival, of the seemingly quieter than usual streets for this time of year, of the stupid tram system the Council is building and has blocked most of Edinburgh’s streets with roadworks and then he told me of his trip to NZ during the Lions tour. When I arrived at the venue, he helped me out of the car and gave me a hug.

And then I sat down to staple reviews to fliers and a gentleman sat down opposite and we got chatting. He had planned out his day on the Fringe, I recommended some options (and he bought a ticket to one of my shows) and then after asking about my accent, he told me of how his mum used to teach in Palmerston North before she got married. By the time we parted ways he gave me a hug too.

Clearly it looked like I needed one – ask and the universe seems to provide.


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