And Then The Rain Came

It’s cold. It’s wet. I’ve been through two umbrellas (both in bins on either side of the city), jumped through puddles and am soaked through.

Day was fine (except for the weather). Night was shit. I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

And what I really need now, really, really need now, is a hug.

Whiskey will have to do instead.


2 Responses to “And Then The Rain Came”

  1. If you can hold on for just a a week and a half, I’ll track you down and give you a warm cuddly whiskey.

    (also a hug)

  2. I am also currently drinking whisky in the absence of a hug, and appreciate the fact that you admit when you need one.

    Here’s a couple of email hugs, not that they count for shit 🙂


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