Hmm …

I mentioned Festival Friendships a wee while ago now and I thought that now it’s been a week into the Festival, I should give you an update.

Friendship from a previous Festival that I would have been sad if it weren’t a real friendship – thankfully, that friendship is a real one and this time we traded numbers. Still haven’t managed to catch up yet …

New friends – many, from venue staff to the folks I work with and everyone in between. We’ll see how many of these remain post Festival, as always.

Friends who are nodding acquaintances – disappointingly, there’s one person who couldn’t even manage a passing smile, regardless of whether he remembers me or not. Meh, not worth my time when there are people who have met me only once but wave to me across the Courtyard.

People whom I have known an age start arriving to visit in the next few weeks … don’t know if I’ll even get to see them … sorry if I can’t, but you’ll like my room …


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