What Do You Mean It’s Sunday?

Things that I have learnt today:

It’s not Monday (well, it is now, but it wasn’t when I thought it was, which was yesterday). Was most disturbed when I realised that Morgue’s friday linky was only two days ago …

I’m good at embarrassing myself by blog thanks to a slightly inebriated mind … having managed to play it cool all these years after years of youthful and embarrassing revelations, I broke it by blog … go web 2.0 … and to reiterate – no nothing exciting sent, nothing exciting received, nothing to it at all. And if you happen to be the person concerned, reading this (as unlikely as that may be given that the only way you’d find this blog is if you Googled it), then I am doubly embarrassed and, yes, may have a small crush – could the virtual ground please swallow me up now?

Ticketing systems that work are good. Ticketing systems that don’t work aren’t ticketing systems … they’re shit. Very expensive shit. BATS’ old fashioned system of paper and a pen (before it was computerised) won new respect from me today.

I wish I knew how to fix a boiler.

Cheap shoes fall apart quick. Because they’re cheap. Because you only bought them to use as the pair that can fit into your handbag when you’re wearing stilettos and would like to walk home at the end of the evening, not to walk through the streets of Edinburgh on another Festival working day.

There are a couple of times that I may have to admit that I need a hug. Just a little one. A teeny little one.


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