So How Did Your Tech Go?

As I walked home, after dinner with my new friend Charly (we were meant to be swapping various contacts and phone numbers to sort out mutual street team issues but ending up having a much needed hang out instead), the people passing by me on the street were asking after each other’s tech rehearsals or previews. Those were the only conversations I overheard. The city has been overtaken by artists.

Amongst the many things discussed today – New Zealand and Australian accents. Liz, the venue manager for one of my shows is from Sydney … oddly enough, hanging around together for 3 hours meant my accent became even stronger and for the rest of the day resulted in three separate discussions about my accent.

Oh, and then someone thought I was Maori … that was an interesting moment … Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi I kind of get, but Maori?

[Updated] Forgot to add – my hero of the day is Jude who, after an hour long quest by Charly and myself to find 30m of VGA cable in Edinburgh, decided to take off her work t-shirt, sneak over to the venue she worked at last year and steal 30m of cable for us. I like her!


One Response to “So How Did Your Tech Go?”

  1. That’s cos you’re brown and all us brownies look alike. hell, Cliff Curtis has made his career out of it!!

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