Ok, So The Audience Are Coming In …

Three tech rehearsals today and some how, stupidly, I thought I’d have plenty of time to get stuff done in between.

Instead: I just missed Jeremy and Philip arriving at the train station, found that the nearest petrol station to refill the van was a good 15 minutes away, spent a good part of the morning walking around with fire retardant, and realised that during Edinburgh Fringe there is no such thing as “a spare chair or three” that may be lying around a venue.

Highlights of the day – my new Trilby works well at protecting me from sun and rain; the real estate agent got the wrong keys cut for the flat so that none of them worked (not a highlight in the traditional sense) and as the Assembly didn’t tell us that we would be charged for two techs on our show, I’m now operating the lighting board for one show … oh and another member of the street team just pulled out.

It’s only Day 2 …


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