D Day

The fog rolls in.

My day starts with a phone call at 8am from Deborah (actually it starts a bit earlier when my ear plugs fail and I can still hear my flatmate return home at 3 am, do a fry up in the kitchen and then again at 5 am when the alarm on the oven goes off) to tell me that Philip can’t pick up the screen from Camden. A quick few phone calls and the screen has a cab of it’s own to Chiswick, where it’s loaded into the van …

Welcome to day one of the Festival.

The fog rolls out.

Today 4 sets arrived, 2 casts, 1 van, and a pile of screens. I find another street team person have a different member of the street team drop out. I got the keys to our two flats but the builders have all the spares and the real estate agent is a bit nervous that the flat isn’t ready (?!). Drop my phone during a set drop off at Assembly and it stops working for about two hours.

Also I bumped into Liam from Catherine Wheels on the Royal Mile – yes, Lifeboat Liam. Fantastic to see him, give him a massive hug, find out we are virtually neighbours and exchange numbers …

And then as I wait for the set to arrive outside of the Assembly Rooms, I bump into Matt Coplon whom I haven’t seen since working on Diwali back in Wellington in 2006. Big hugs again, but we’re interrupted by a phone call – nay bother, he’s teching one of the spaces we’re working in – will catch up later and exchange numbers then. It feels like it’s going to be a good Festival.

The fog rolls in again.

I jump into the driver’s seat of the van. This is a whole lot easier than the car. I’m not sure what my problem is driving a manual transmission car, but with the van, I have no problem with hill starts, no rolling back, the gear changes are smooth as is the drive. Maybe one of you more technical folks can explain why it’s so much easier.

The fog doesn’t help the driving, but I do seem to know my way around Edinburgh by car …

It’s about half 12 now … gotta get up at 6, meet Jeremy (boss) and Philip Escoffey (another show) at the train station at half 7 … hope these ear plugs work tonight …


4 Responses to “D Day”

  1. What exactly is a fry up anyway?

  2. Eggs, bacon and oil. Lots of oil

  3. Yum. 🙂

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Sounds like the Festival, alright…! Say hi to Matthew for me – we managed not to meet up (due to my need for sleep!) last year, boooo.


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