One More Sleep

The van, two performers/shows and the set for four shows arrive tomorrow …

To do:
Sign on as an additional driver at the car hire place
Pick up keys to the flats
Buy flat supplies
Water blast the grime from the walls of the microwave
Plan driving route for set and people drop offs
Remember how to do hill starts in a manual
Keep cool, calm, collected while looking generally fabulous and onto it while remembering how to do hill starts, regardless of the fact that I may be rolling backwards while traffic has built up behind me and the lights are about to turn red again …
Drink water
Set alarm clock

Find ways to freeze time so that I can sleep for eight hours and still finish everything I need to do …

[Update] Sleep … must remember to do that too at some point …


2 Responses to “One More Sleep”

  1. Grr!

    [Me being hard. See, I’m flexing my bi … I’ll go this way now …]

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