When is a Carrot Not a Carrot?

So I think it’s a safe bet to say that the New Zealand general elections will probably be mid November – a good five months away. It’s also probably safe to say that New Zealand is facing a change in government.

I haven’t been covering politics from my birthland for a few months so let me bring you up to speed on what’s been happening back there for me to believe this:




Just cos.

That’s it?


Every opinion poll seems to say so … with that all in mind, today Pete Hodgson the Tertiary Education Minister happened to mention that he instructed his officials to do some costings into universal student allowance Of course, he hastens to add that this:

should not be construed as a signal the Government intends to introduce such a policy

No. But he’d just thought he’d mention the idea anyway. In an election year.

They may not actually do anything about it, but they will look into it, and let us know they’re looking into it.

Did you hear that at the back? We’re looking into universal student allowances. No, no, not policy, just looking, ok? Just wanted to let you all know that. May come in handy later, may not.

That said, would you vote for us if we did happen to get universal student allowances, not that we are, but if we did, or tried to, or at least did the maths?

Stay tuned? I couldn’t possibly comment …


4 Responses to “When is a Carrot Not a Carrot?”

  1. Have you seen National’s Arts & Culture and Heritage policy? I’m trying to figure out how to be a policy advisor – if it means writing stuff as vague as that then my job’s going to be super easy! Mind you I do like that they’ve singled out Rockquest to ensure it continues.

  2. Oh yes, I have and as far as I can see it can be summed up as thus:

    “Sorry, Arts policy? Um … ok … how about this – we’ll keep it as it is! See? No excuses not to vote for us. We’re like Labour … but not”

  3. Beyond the bland ‘policy’ statement on the website, will there be any more specific detail about their plans somewhere? (ok I’m counting this as work – Cultural strategy review, considering possible implications of a change in government)

  4. Specifics? On the Arts? In an election year? We’re still waiting to hear how they’re going to pay for their $40 per week tax cuts …

    So … um …the less snide answer is no. Don’t expect specifics until budget announcements, unless they think Arts will be a real vote winner.

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