Two Weeks To Go

It looks like I’m having a little trouble finding the time to post here at the moment, so to that end I’ve come up with a new plan …

In two weeks, Edinburgh will succumb to arts madness. At least four festivals hit the city next month and I happen to be involved in the biggest one, the Fringe. Suffice to say, I’m a touch busy at the moment and I’ll be squeezing the worth of every hour when all of the shows arrive.

So here’s the deal: I’ll post daily from the day the first act arrives (Monday 28th) until the end of the Festival. The posts may only be a couple of words and/or incoherent, depending on my sobriety or mental state … it could be funny, it could be awful, it could resemble a piece of earnest student street theatre that you stumble upon under the many bridges of this city as you try to make your way home, I can’t guarantee that it will be any good or give you insight to life in the Fringe but you’ll see one view of it complete with laughter, tears and tequila.

Oh yes, there is always tequila.


3 Responses to “Two Weeks To Go”

  1. You are soooo post modern right now. It is hot.

  2. I met a drama teacher who is taking her high school students to the Fringe to perform! How cool is that?

  3. There is a very large student drama contingent that arrives from the US every year from schools all over. They must have some huge resources behind them as the Fringe is very expensive as a performer, if you’re not established I’d say that it’s not worth performing in for the hundreds of companies playing here.

    Then again, there’s nothing in the world that can match Edinburgh during festival season – total madness.

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