Ah … Remember Me?

Yes, I’ve been more than just a little bit neglectful of my blog. So let me try and bring you up to speed as to the wherefore …

First up – no broadband and no phone line at my flat which means no internet. Also, I’m in the UK which also means huge amount of pain and suffering when trying to sort out a broadband account (even a mobile broadband account is taking an age to process). This means any time I have spent on line (and usually in an internet cafe or buying a hot chocolate to get the ‘free wifi’) is mostly devoted to downloading emails, filling up my browser with pages of news and blogs to read later on, commenting on some blogs a day after the event when I go in to pick up the next round of email.

And then … I’ve been working on a treatment for a new radio play. The idea hit me in the Wellington departure lounge and during the 36 hours it took me to get from one side of the world to the other, a good, solid story line emerged. How far into it am I? Well I’ve been spending every spare moment on it and I’ve just got to finish the final act and then it’s done. Yes, done. I’m very proud of it and unfortunately have discovered that when it comes to writing, I can only seem to focus on one writing project at a time … my creative writing self is having difficulties multitasking.

And then … so that whole gamble about taking the tech job over the safe one didn’t pay off – I didn’t get the tech job which I have to admit being a touch stunned about. Clearly I sucked at the interview … but, shortly after the rejection email arrived, I managed to get what could possibly be the best job in the Fringe EVER. Really. It uses almost every single skill that I have managed to amass in the 10 years I’ve been working (except the writing) and bloody hell, I have hit the ground running on this one. Will be down to London in a couple of weeks and again just before the Festival, but if you’re looking to catch up, I’ll be down in September to see a show (the new LePage and Ex Machina show at the Barbican) so depending on what’s going on job wise then (as this one is only for the Festival) I may make a thing out of it and stay down longer.

And that’s me.

I will try and blog properly soon … check in once a week … I’ll try and be a bit better. Otherwise, if you’re that desperate to know the mundane bits of my life, you could follow me on Twitter … 140 character via text message is a wee bit easier at the moment …



One Response to “Ah … Remember Me?”

  1. Joined Twitter, you’re the only person I know on there. You are now obliged to “follow” me so that I don’t look like a total reject.

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