Are You Enrolled?

This is a public service announcement.

Back in October last year, I begged the Wellingtonians to vote in the local body election only to find that many had forgotten to change their enrolment details. So it comes as no surprise to hear the Electoral Enrolment Centre stating that 49,641 New Zealand voters have been dropped off the roll, because they have moved and not changed their address. You know who you are.

Now putting on my hat as bossy Sonal …

You have a hat? Cos you’ve never taken the bossy hat off …

Please go and check that you are enrolled to vote. New Zealanders who are resident, or have are citizens who have visited the country within the last three years, or are permanent residents who have visited NZ within the last 12 months, can enrol here; American citizens can enrol here.

It’s important to have your say on how you want your country to be run (after all, you’re paying for it with your tax dollars). Please enrol now … we’ll talk about the importance of voting later … many, many times, later …

Public service announcement ends.


6 Responses to “Are You Enrolled?”

  1. I found enrolling to be a fucking pain in the arse (THANKS guys, for those FREEPOST envelopes that you know, DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE A POINT when you’re sending mail to people in LONDON) and got my confirmation back telling me I live on Dixon Street in Wellington. Aha. Even though you’re mailing me in London…? And I put Dixon Street in the “former address if now living overseas” section…?

    Oh well, at least I know I can definitely vote for the Wellington rep.

    And I know for sure I’m enrolled to vote in the UK because evil marketing list companies have been using my electoral enrolment details to sell my name and address to companies so that they can spam me.

  2. PS Louise was not trying to put anyone off enrolling from overseas, but rather firmly and vigorously agrees with Sonal that voting is an extraordinarily important thing to do. Think how different the world would be right now if more people in the USA from the left side of the spectrum had voted in the last elections there, mmmhmmm?

  3. Not only am I enrolled, but I gave the spare thingee they send you to my flatmate to make sure he enrols as well. Gold star?

  4. Extra gold star for Kat!

  5. Oooh gold star for me too… for the UK elections I filled the form in for the whole flat to ensure we were all enrolled.

  6. Ooh, ooh, I get a gold star too! I just kept filling in the back of the envelopes until everyone in the flat was enrolled. Mainly through guilt for forgetting to enrol for the local body elections…

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