As you may have noticed, I tend to dish out advice whether it’s been sought or not …

Yes, Sonal, we’ve noticed.

Well here I am, in a city without friends to bounce chit chat off, mulling through the aftermath of two interviews today.

Interview 1: Good event coordinating job. Lots of autonomy, starts in a couple of weeks, basically using the skills I have, not building on them terribly much but a chance to create a manual on how to do them. Quite a bit of stuff I’ve done before. They’re checking my references … I think I’m at the top of the list … have to give an answer by Monday.

Interview 2: Tech job. Starts in a little over a month, for a shorter period, so therefore pays quite a bit less at the end of the day. But, opportunity to really boost skill set which may make me more valuable later as a tech (especially as a touring tech, and I do want to work other festivals). Looking at me for two roles … won’t hear about it until middle of next week.

I think I’ve just answered my own question, but I would need to find work in the interim to make up for the late start time (and I don’t know how easy that will be compared to my experience in London), whereas I wouldn’t have to worry about that with number 1.

What to do?


5 Responses to “Help”

  1. bite the bullet and go for the tech job. There will be plenty of time throughout the rest of your life for safe choices.

  2. Yeah, you’re right … my gut just needed someone to back it up – thanks!

  3. Totally take the other job or else you’ll find yourself back in the office trap you’d just been saying you were moving on from…

    But be careful finding temp work in the meantime – and by “be careful” I mean “it might suck majorly”. When Michelle lived in Edinburgh she ended up in a horrid extremely-low-pay temp admin job with the council as she just couldn’t find better work. Although, of course doing a shitty temp job would remind you even more why you were taking the interesting, skills-developing tech job to reiterate the correctness of your choice (if you choose that way).

  4. (by “other” I mean tecchie. Not sure why I described it as the “other” job.)

  5. Vidya Singh Says:

    Hey Sonny, I reckon mate you already know which way to JUMP, perhaps you’ve been practicing for the next Britain’s got talent…? Anyhow good luck! Very pleased to hear about the flat, good work go you.
    Ciao will see you in a few weeks looking forward to catching up in persona, person or something like that… 🙂

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