6 Hours In Edinburgh …

And I have a home – yay!

It’s close to town, it’s wonderfully cheap, it has the biggest, brightest living room and a gorgeous kitchen with afternoon sun … afternoon sun … mmm … the bedroom is, admittedly, small and may put many folks off as the bed/mattress is up on a mezzanine and it’s windowless, but underneath I can fit in all my clothes and I reckon another double mattress for folks to crash on AND I can live in the living room anyway as it’s huge and yet cozy (that’s what the girl before me has done) …

Now if only I have the same luck with the job …

Oh … and I’m in Edinburgh now …

Oh and Obama? Yay!


3 Responses to “6 Hours In Edinburgh …”

  1. What part of the city you in?

  2. On the outskirts of the New Town with plenty of local shops (including an organic butchers, vege shop and … er … sex toys shop … )

  3. Cool. I looked on the map – I think I walked down that street once, but it certainly wasn’t my stomping ground. Used to look down over it from Calton Hill though…

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