Should Armageddon Happen In Wellington …

Just hope that the forces of evil/the revolution/nature don’t decide to cut the power

Civil Defence should probably heed their own advice from here on in and keep an emergency preparedness kit near by … don’t forget to keep replacing the batteries, fellas …


2 Responses to “Should Armageddon Happen In Wellington …”

  1. How sad is it that it was quite exciting, that we all roamed around the office blinking off our square eyes to converse, actually converse, with our workmates (the ones who still get their news from the radio and not the internet) about why the power cut had occurred. We all gathered by the windows to see how the city was coping, is it wrong to say that I was disappointed that there wasn’t mass panic in the CBD? Even if there was an emergency, people would probably just go “neggh” and carry on shopping – until they found out they couldn’t use eftpos. Then there’d be panic!

  2. So true … how do you get a New Zealander to show an emotion beyond apathy (other than with sports)? Take away their ability to pay for goods and services with a cash card …

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