You Found My Blog, How?

To the young man (and I’m making an assumption here that you are both young and a man – my apologies to all young men for denigrating your number by association to this … well, you’ll see …) who found my blog by typing into a search engine “how to fuck first time with a girl”, please read the following very carefully:

You DO NOT “fuck” for the first time with anyone, boy or girl, woman or man. You treat them with respect and either make love or have sex. Otherwise the only thing you’ll ever get to “fuck” is your own hand.

Got it?


6 Responses to “You Found My Blog, How?”

  1. For additional commentary on the word fuck, refer:

    (The Dude abides.)

  2. Oh my god. I’m dying. Hilarious.

  3. You is gonna get some interesting searches coming through to you now…

  4. I sure am – I don’t think they’ll be expecting this …

  5. I tried to give myself an application to find out what searches people are using to find me, but couldn’t figure out how, then found a function to remove my blog from the internet search sphere, so did that instead.

    However my number of hits seems to have increased, not decreased!

  6. Bearing in mind the number of times you’ve called me a young man (at best) I was pleased to note you were not including me in the aforementioned group.

    On the other hand I am slightly curious to know what you’ve been blogging about to come up on that search…

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