Things I Never Noticed About the Simpsons Before

Aside from Lenny and Carl, there are no multiracial couples on the show.

That bugs me, just a little bit.


3 Responses to “Things I Never Noticed About the Simpsons Before”

  1. *heart*

    It has had the same cast of characters for 20 years. I’m prepared to cut it some slack…

  2. according to the Font of All Knowledge on the Internet, interracial couples make up about 7% of all marriages in the USA (Korean marrying Indian doesn’t count, they’re all lumped as ‘Asian’ – sound familiar?)

    I’m trying to count now how many couples / partnerships there are on The Simpsons: Marge/Homer, Lovejoys, Quimby/mistress, Flanders/RIP, Milhouse’s parents (divorced), Wiggums, Apu/Manjula, Hibberts, Skinner/Krabpapplel, and there must be a few others.

    So I would say 1 multiracial couple would meet the statistical quota.

  3. Um… wait… are Lenny and Carl a couple???

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