Packing Countdown 2 of 3

And it’s off to Auckland we go!

I have managed to achieve almost nothing that I planned to by secretly being in Wellington for three and a half days … however I have managed to get a load of washing done, change suitcases, pack boots and pick up spices (I’m staying with Emma for a good few days, the least I can do is cook her dinner), so I guess that’s something. Now if only I could get my Mac to register the stereo jack from my minidisc, I’d be a lot happier (the podcasts are on the way, honest, I’m in the midst of technical difficulties) …

Also, it’s 6 weeks until the big flight back to the Northern Hemisphere and I haven’t managed to catch up with a load of folks who probably read this – I’m free after 11 May, make a date with me, please!

Tales from Auckland soon … oh and come to the show 🙂


One Response to “Packing Countdown 2 of 3”

  1. Are you going to put your show up as an event on facebook?

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