Etiquette and Facebook Part 7 – Rage Against the Machine

Dear Facebook Logarithm thingy,

I understand that you think you are doing some sort of service to me by matching my friends list with other Facebook users and thereby, possibly, finding a long lost friend through our mutual chums.

However, no, I do not want to be friends with my ex boyfriend’s (not so) new girlfriend. Especially as we haven’t actually met and in the several times I have seen him since my return and the couple of hours worth of conversation we have exchanged, he hasn’t actually acknowledged her existence. In fact, dear Facebook Logarithm thingy, I didn’t really know who she was until you told me.

I think a friends invite to her along the lines of: “So hey, Facebook reckons we should be friends as I used to date the person you’re now dating and I thought, hey, why not? By the way if he’s still talking bitterly about his ex wife, run or perhaps keep some money aside for a one way ticket overseas, it will be the best investment you will ever make” could be a bit awkward.

With kindest regards,



4 Responses to “Etiquette and Facebook Part 7 – Rage Against the Machine”

  1. Cringe!

    I hate that feature too. I’m like, I already know, via stalking my own FB friends, that all of these people exist. So, no thanks.

    A few weeks back “they” asked me if I wanted to be included in the feature and I said no. I hope it’s working.

  2. *snort*

    On the upside, I just found Hone through it! But also had my most-hated-person-on-earth suggested (you can guess who that was), and about 6 billion people from school I very much do not wish to have contact with.

  3. Hmm … you don’t hate many people so I’m guessing it’s someone beginning with the letter M …

    Today I had to make use of the block option to get rid of a persistent friends request from a girl who was absolutely and utterly horrible to me at school. What I’d really like to do is yell at her “We weren’t friends at school! We weren’t ever friends at school! You used to actively avoid any contact with me at school (in fact I’m pretty sure you used to mutter bitchy things under your breath at me)! 12 years on and we’re NOT friends now!”

    Sorry … had to get that off my chest …

  4. Correct.

    I’ve used block once too – on Megan and Mike’s old flatmate from London (from where I stayed for a couple of weeks) who continually invited me to go support “our team” South Africa in the rugby world cup (ie just sent invites to EVERYONE… continually)… then was sending marketing messages… then was sending messages about a girl we should all block who was trying to “slander” her on facebook. Suffice to say that was a “remove friend” and “block” moment.

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