Ask Nothing, Expect Nothing, You’re On Your Own

So Dunedin … the weather was gorgeous, the show is really humming now and we made some great friends … the Fringe was interesting (drink!).




Hmm. Maybe now would be a good time for photos … like these two Banksy style stencils that I spotted …

Or a lovely reminder that some of the best graffiti can be found in the women’s toilets of any university …

And then there were some things I had to take a photo of because no one would believe me if I only told them about it …

Yes, you are seeing that right … that is a bottle shop next to a petrol station …

And as always, when on tour, the obligatory blurry photo of the company wearing ticket stubs (and a flier) in a show of solidarity at the Fringe awards (doesn’t everyone?) …

Those ticket stubs belong to the good lads we shared the space with, The Morrisons, an excellent musical comedy act whose had criminally low audiences. They’re playing in Wellington next week at Mighty Mighty and Auckland in the last week of the Comedy Festival – go and see them if you can, the show was excellent and apparently we went on a bad night.

Oh and you definitely should come along to James’ show Beige Against the Machine this week in Auckland from Saturday and in Wellington the following week, it’s very good … yes I know that it’s obvious I would say that as I’m working on it and all, but the man is very funny – I have to watch the show every night, trust me.


3 Responses to “Ask Nothing, Expect Nothing, You’re On Your Own”

  1. I love the toilet grafitti! Pretty heart! Yay!

  2. Richard Says:

    I made the chairman mao stencil in 2007, good to see it on the web

    • No way! That’s awesome – your piece was one of the things that I loved about Dunedin. Hope you’re still getting your work out and about …

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