Yup, I’m in Dunedin … it’s sunny and occasionally cold at night.

The Fringe is … er … interesting … the show? Great. Working with James? Wicked, we work well together. The Fringe itself? Hmm …

I’m also surprisingly busy and am catching up on a motherload of work with limited internet time.

Will blog soon, but in a quick reply to some of your own blog posts:
Tamasha – girl, you rock.
Lou – snow? In April? Oh and fuck the IOC!
Morgue – The Wire – awesome … also, moose?
Lotte – sorry about the piklets and missing amphitheatre goodness, had lurgies …

For everyone else – sentences which make sense, later.


2 Responses to “Placeholder”

  1. mooses!

    *does moose sign*

  2. I know!

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