Packing Countdown 1 of 3

I can barely believe that I’ve been back in New Zealand for almost 6 weeks now and it’s already time to start the packing countdowns which mark the mid point of my stay here.

This week it’s off to Dunedin, to tech James’ show and … well … I’m there for a whole week and as the show is only an hour long, it looks like I’ll have a lot of time to write and explore. I haven’t been to Dunedin since I was 10! I imagine it will have changed considerably since then, so if you have any recommendations of things to do (including day walks) let me know.

Better still, if you’re in Dunedin this week, let’s do stuff!


4 Responses to “Packing Countdown 1 of 3”

  1. From memory there is quite a bit of shopping to be done in Dunedin… and I do believe it may have some quite good shoe shopping to be done…

  2. Hey
    Do send your contact info especially for around D-Day!
    Catch you later
    Take care

  3. It’s been a while, but there was a great pizza place at the bottom of North East Valley. Walking from town through the gardens is lovely.
    The lookout kicks Mt Vic’s arse I reckon.
    I can’t remember much apart from where to get $4 jugs and $2.80 dinners. Ahhh Gardies.

  4. Oh yes … walked passed Gardies *shudder*

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