The Great New Zealand First Lottery Results!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have your tickets ready, because, yes, that’s right , it may still be another seven months at least until the General Election but New Zealand First have announced this year’s lucky winners …

It is …


Wait for it …


Oh my god, I’m so excited …







ASIANS! Woo hoo!

Let me check my ticket … ah bugger, I had Iraqis – well it’s still early days yet, you never know …

Step on up Ms Tan and Mr Patel, come on in Ms So, Ms Jeram, Mr Lau, Ms Chua, Ms Badiani … Oh wait, sorry, don’t come on in or up, apparently that’s the problem. You see, Statistics New Zealand have told us that the number of people who identify themselves as Asian will increase by about 3.4% a year and this has NZ First’s Deputy Leader, Peter Brown, quaking in his boots. According to Mr (not so) Brown:

The face of New Zealand is changing without a coherent population policy and without consultation with the people

A bit like the New Zealand Company did back in the day …

The greater the number, the greater the risk. They will form their own mini-societies to the detriment of integration and that will lead to division, friction and resentment.

Which, of course, is nothing like, say Taranaki, Manawatu, Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury, Otago or Southland

Perhaps he should have consulted with his party leader, Winston Peters, who, as Foreign Affairs Minister, in a speech last October launching a White Paper on New Zealand’s relationship with Asia, said:

Asia matters a great deal to New Zealand. We have vital political, security, trade, economic, and other interests in the region, and those interests impact directly on our well being as a country. We have a real stake in seeing Asia flourish and prosper.

Asia has also become increasingly important for our services, especially tourism and education.

Opportunities to travel, study and live in one another’s countries have expanded our links at a personal level. Such contacts are important.

I guess it doesn’t count during an election year …


One Response to “The Great New Zealand First Lottery Results!”

  1. Was so glad to have a New Zealander sitting opposite me (the lovely Claudia) when I opened yesterday so I had someone to fully understand my “oh. my. god.”

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