A Brief Public Announcement

Anyone nice and hospitable in the Vancouver area?

I have a lovely friend called Jeremy. He’s a nice and clean young man who is heading to Canada this week to work and play for a year.

He may need a roof to get him started, so if you have a patch of roof or floor that a nice, clean, polite fellow such as himself may borrow, ‘t would be greatly appreciated.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programme …


2 Responses to “A Brief Public Announcement”

  1. Is he straight? Is he single? Is he sexy? Is he coming to New York?

    OK OK, just kidding. 🙂

  2. Um … yes, yes, yes (women are always going gaga over him, he’s either completely oblivious to this or just very, very polite) and I’m not sure … 🙂

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