Etiquette and Facebook Part 6 – You Can Choose Your Friends, But …

Deep down in the darkest part of my heart, the part where useless things such as despair and my former ability to calculate third order differential equations reside, I knew this day would come …

The friend request from an uncle (or for that matter aunt/parent/older relative who wants to hang with the kids)

I’ve got cousins, siblings and the folks who make up my real family (like Kathryn, Meg and Scott) all in my friends list. That’s fine, but an uncle (or more specifically one of my parent’s closest friends who treats me like a daughter) is not.

It’s not that I have anything to hide but there is a line to how much I’m willing to reveal to particular people. For instance, as many of you will know, my mum reads this blog (hi Mum) but if she were able to work out teh Book, would I want her to be one of my friends on it?


We’ve discussed the dilemma and she agrees, there is a line and I have a right to maintain it. If questioned, my reply is this: If Bapuji were on Facebook, I wouldn’t be friends with him, I’m not going to be friends with you either even if my brother and your own sons are. Sorry. I can’t explain the line to you, it’s just there.

And then, of course, there are these horrifying visions of numerous fois and mashis lining up a bombardment of friend requests and then going through my friend list with the vigour of a private detective and the deductive abilities of Inspector Clouseau (So many boys? Just friends? Really? And what’s this photo of you with a beer bottle?)


3 Responses to “Etiquette and Facebook Part 6 – You Can Choose Your Friends, But …”

  1. I’m facebook-friends with cousins but draw the line at my sister. In fact, when she mentioned something about being on facebook there was a very distinct avoidance of either of us suggesting that we friends each other.

    Happily my parents, uncles and aunties are worlds away from even knowing facebook exists.

  2. Ha ha ha ha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your FB posts.

    I am friends with two first cousins and a couple of second/third cousins (alas, no siblings for me!), but I don’t have any older relatives on the Book. I would be so weirded out.

    And they totally would go through your friend list!!!

  3. Ha ha good stuff. I actually helped my mum set up a facebook account last week because she wants to share some photos with friends she went on a tramp with and thought fb would be an easy way to do it. Only problem is now she has to convince her friends to get on there as well…

    I added her as a friend to show her how it works and haven’t thought much about it for a couple of reasons:
    I know she won’t go on there much – too busy, no interest, only there to put up photos. She’s not the sort of mum to bother stalking her kids.
    There’s not a hell of a lot that I’d bother hiding from her anymore, that I wouldn’t already be hiding from fb – she even snapped me smoking recently so that’s pretty much all my secrets gone.

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