If you’re in Wellington and you haven’t been working on the International Festival or on a show with me, then you probably have reason to be miffed at me for not getting in touch during the month I’ve been here.


I’m available for after work things (writing all day at the moment) and I’m slowly trying to get a hold of you Wellington folk before I head on tour with James Nokise and his show Beige Against the Machine starting in Dunedin, heading to Auckland and finishing in Wellington a week before my own show (Not) The All India Radio Show opens.

Er … I will get to you, I promise … um … want to do 2 for 1 Chow on Monday?


2 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. I would love to do 2 for 1 Chow on Monday!

  2. I could also swing that, I believe

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