Er … Where Are You?


I’m in mid Festival madness. That means for the last couple of days I’ve been perched between two Scotsmen as our van climbs over the Rimutaka ranges to tech their show, Lifeboat, in Greytown … The Scots thing? Just a coincidence, I’ve been assigned to them by the Festival.

It’s been a bit mad. Every thing that could go wrong on a Sunday get in, pretty much did, all out of my control, which made for a crap first day on the job. Oh well.

In other news … well there isn’t any. This is the first time I’ve been home during daylight since I landed, my suitcase is still full, on my bedroom floor and I’m going to ignore it for yet another night, hide in the cinema, chill out and not talk to anyone for a bit.

Oh wait … one bit of news … tickets back to the UK booked … accidentally slipped out the words “yeah, going back home at the end of May” the other day too. I don’t think it means anything. Just tired is all.

Will be back to normal next week.



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