I’m here, again …

I was going to say, I’m home, but I’m not.

I’m in my mum’s home, which has my stuff in it … it feels odd, but that may also be the jet lag and this sudden bout of hay fever (things I hate about Wellington #01), so I’m off to the chemist to get me some over the counter, hard core, anti cold/flu/hay fever stuff (things I can’t get in Singapore #02, #01 is chewing gum which I think you can only get with a prescription).

Other thoughts from my jet lagged mind (currently being attacked pollen):

* The best inflight movie is a Bollywood film. And when I say Bollywood, I mean the cheesy masala movies that are either intentionally silly or a little earnest, the sort that requires you to hand over any sense of logic when you buy your ticket. The humble back of the seat screen, legs pressed up against your chest, screaming children and engines in the background environment is the perfect place for these films. And with an average of three hours run time per film, it really eats into those long haul hours nicely. I watched Chak De India (earnest and dull) and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (intentionally cheesy with no plot. I don’t know if I would have liked it at the theatre, but up in the skies I was giggling like a tired person who had just discovered that there isn’t power access for laptops in Economy, apparently we don’t have urgent things to do or don’t own laptops like the folks in Premium Economy upwards).

* Always take your own music on a flight. It also comes in handy when you think the Bollywood song of the moment is awful. I listened to When Doves Cry while watching the Paris set piece from JBJ and they went freakishly well together!

* The woman at immigration was a mite grumpy (or robotic, I can’t tell. She asked the series of small talk questions which I guess they’re required to do as part of the process to see if your intentions are honest as each question didn’t naturally follow from my reply and yet was phrased in a conversational way), the man at customs was friendly (and amused by the things I was declaring), the woman at the domestic check in was grumpy as was the air steward.

* NZ basic broadband sucks. It’s so slooooooooow. But it takes a couple of days to administrate and one day to connect as opposed to three weeks in the UK (BT you have some explaining to do).


One Response to “I’m here, again …”

  1. Ha ha. I loved Chak de. And, I had JBJ on my table forEVER from Netflix and finally returned it because I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and watch it. Le sigh.

    Welcome home?

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