Just One More Comment

Is there anything more tasteless than getting members of the US armed forces, based in Iraq, losing their lives in a war that shouldn’t have started in the first place, presenting an Academy Award via satellite?

Seriously Academy, way to show up your irrelevance and come to think of it, that of the whole industry.

Ooh movies just as important as world politics … ’cause, um, we make films about wars and stuff … where you’re actually in one where thousands die … hmm … we care … that make us relevant, right?

Presented to you by Tom Hanks.


BTW – I have the biggest crush on Jon Stewart right now … no reason, just thought I’d mention it.


4 Responses to “Just One More Comment”

  1. I have the biggest crush on Daniel Day Lewis and Javier Bardem. Sexxxy.

  2. HUH?? (I missed the ceremony – second year in a row – what is wrong with me?!)

    What award was it, and was Tom Hanks there introducing them? In many ways that makes it worse…

    This is like how after Speilburg pulled out of the Olympics gig they were talking about the Hollywood stars that were against the Olympics and it’s like “huh? it’s a sporting event…”. I’m all for people choosing to make a political statement as part of their speech or whatever (but preferably they should be making statements via their films – ala George’s Good Night, and Good Luck; this year’s No Country & There Will Be Blood)… but seriously dudes… know when to STOP.

  3. (re-reading that I note my ambiguous comment – I meant that I don’t understand why we would give a shit what Hollywood actors think about the Olympics, not that I don’t understand the problems surrounding the Olympics. Obviously.)

  4. It was for Best Documentary short and yes, it was presented by Tom Hanks … Hanks in LA, men and women of the armed forces, who are probably being shelled on outside of the shot (uh, and the award goes … oh shit, Jimmy are you ok? Yeah I know, if only you the army had given us a flack jacket then you wouldn’t be bleeding right now … but at least we can say you’ve been on the Oscars), in Iraq.

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