Preparing For Flight …

Yes, I’m still working on the script, yes this is a blog post. What are you going to do? Anyway, I’m in the midst of transferring files from my old laptop to my new one (PC to Mac – it’s a right pain in the arse although I am surprised at how fast I’ve picked up and become used to all of the shortcuts and quirks of a mac).

Everything I want to do is now put to the side as I pack, weigh my suitcase, repack and then figure out if I can fit just one more CD without getting charged for excess baggage. Casualties so far include my favourite pair of Fin trousers, which have massive holes in them; a chiffon skirt now three sizes to big; a pair of shoes once cream, now grey and completely worn out thanks to London; a sleeveless vest which is well over 10 years old, survived three dramatic weight changes and looks like it; and my cabin bag that weighs in at 4.5kg empty … can someone, anyone, explain to me why you get two pieces of check in luggage to fly via North America but only one 20kg bag via anywhere else?

I’ve missed a hell of a lot of news while working (and crying as all the best stuff goes by when this happens) including: Tiny Tuesday and the many excuses the Clinton camp are making as they say each race so far doesn’t count (until 5 March), the actual release of the Government’s War on Graffiti initiative (because you know, that’s gonna be a deal breaker come elections, not, say, the economy, health, education …), John Campbell faking a news interview (dude, don’t make it any easier for me), the Government lashing out at the UN human rights council over last year’s raids (Aunty Helen knows best and just you wait until she’s Secretary General), Castro retiring (anyone who has managed to piss off a long line of US Administrations, survive AND retire after many years in power deserves a whisky raised in their honour for being the one they never got), the WGA strike ending and … er … Dame Kiri Te Kanawa having a go at Hayley Westenra (although I have to say I’m with Dame Kiri on this one).

Ah well, I’ll make up for it all soon …

For those of you in Wellington, I’m home on Tuesday, late avo, for a few weeks – it would be good to see you for a long drink in the evening sometime (forget coffee, we’ve got a lot to catch up on).

For everyone else, I’ll still be blogging and … podcasting … yes, The Word From Outside, a weekly guide to the New Zealand elections for people who should know better than to believe me, will be available from iTunes at the end of March … otherwise I’ve got a show on at BATS, 6 – 10 May called (Not) The All India Radio Show – LIVE at BATS which will be slightly better than the podcasts (but not much) …

Oh yes, my holiday is well and truly over.


4 Responses to “Preparing For Flight …”

  1. Hey, you should have heard RNZ interviewing the staff at Fidels (yes Fidels, a cafe on Cuba St for all non-wellingtonians) about Castro’s retirement. It was truly tragic. One one level that RNZ obviously couldn’t be bothered doing any research and that (some) NZers have no idea about world politics history etc. One of the girls when asked about Castro just commented that he has a hat and a beard (she possibly got him mixed up with the zig-zag paper man.) Quite funny in a horrifying way!

  2. Wait, does that mean I can hear your voice? How cool! OK, that sounded waaaay creepier than I meant for it to sound.

    But yah, totally huge week for news!

  3. RNZ did what?!

    I need to find that interview …

  4. !!!! @ RNZ. One of my pet peeves is trying to see / hear / read some news and having to instead put up with random people being asked about things they don’t know about. Um, I could, you know, ask passer-bys myself if I gave a shit.

    Anyhoo –

    I appreciate John Campbell’s use of the phrase ‘we shat in our own nest’ when discussing the error.

    I am horrified having caught the front page of a paper to see just how far behind Labour are in their opinion polls (I’m counting on a 20% margin of error…).

    I also raise a whiskey to Castro for defying the odds.

    Woo! to the end of the strike – eat that Producers!

    Also agreed with Dame Kiri, however feel that it’s a bit harsh to take it out on Westenra when really the issue is with the wider populist music landscape, but then again she is really annoying and had the audacity to release an autobiography at age whatever-she-is-but-certainly-20-at-most so hah.

    I must hook myself up with some iTunes access before end-March…

    Yay seeing you on Weds!

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