More Songs to Write Plays By …

This whole album, Moonshout, has been looping on my MP3 player for the best part of a year … this is the only track that I could find on the Tube.

And then there’s this …

I love this song … it’s also one of the many songs driving my rewrite.

No, I’m not procrastinating … well ok, I am a little – I hacked Bhai’s DVD player so that it’s now region free, but I still haven’t got the sound working (which is what I was trying to solve in the first place when I stumbled upon the hack) … hopefully I’ll sort the sound out tonight …

In other news, Whiti Hereaka, a frighteningly talented writer (bitch!) whose imagination I’d like to steal (even though she’s a good friend and reads this) has just started her blog, Tauken, as she embarks on one of her many projects: adapting her latest novel into a screenplay … yes, she’s actually talking about her writing … I just tell you about everything I’m doing to avoid it.

I hate her.

Well, no I don’t. But I may have to steal her computer, just to slow her down …


One Response to “More Songs to Write Plays By …”

  1. Aww, shucks. Maybe we could swap brains for a bit, wouldn’t that be cool we could have whole libraries devoted to how other people see the world…Oh hang on, that’s what libraries are for. Dammit! I was going to be rich with that idea! Rich I tell you!! Because we all know librarians are rolling in dough!! And by the way you don’t need to steal my computer just get me drunk!! And we all know that isn’t too hard – HA!

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